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Difference Between Cpc Cpm And CTR

Difference Between Cpc Cpm And CTR
Difference Between Cpc Cpm And CTR

CPC (Cost per Click) is a cost method used in advertising, this fee is calculated from the price each visitor clicks on the ad. Meanwhile, CPM is the cost per 1000 impressions. the problem is which is better between cpc (Cost per Clik) ​​or CPM (Cost per Million) for the ads you use? Of course this absolutely cannot be answered, because we must adjust all of this to your needs. To discuss more deeply about CPC and CPM, read the article below.


CPC is a digital method used to pay for advertisements every time a visitor clicks on your ad that leads to a website or application advertised by the advertiser. CPC can set bids up to $ 1, you can also set bugs as small as possible, it could be under $ 1. This CPC can be used like online media such as Linkedin, Facebook ads or google ads. In its use, Facebook Ads displays ads to audiences who tend to be interested in the ad theme posted by the advertiser, so the advertiser must pay a fee for every click of the ad.

This CPC will be charged to the advertiser when a visitor clicks on the ad. so when a visitor doesn't click on the ad, the advertiser doesn't pay. by using the CPC calculation it will immediately provide maximum results for advertisers. for advertisers who do not have a lot of budget, advertisers can use the CPC calculation to advertise their products, websites or other applications.


CPM is the cost incurred in impressions per 1000 impressions. This impression, for example, appears in advertisements such as news feeds, mobile news feeds and so on. when you want to build a brand, then this CPM calculation method will be very suitable for building your brand with targeted advertising to the audience. Calculation of its CPM costs for example if the CPM cost is 1 $, then the cost spent in the 1000 ad serving that has been shown is 1 $. when you have to use CPM you have to consider how the quality of the ad, with the quality of a good ad so the ad will bring more audiences to click on the ad. In knowing the quality of your ad, Google currently has an associated quality score that can help you determine the quality of your ad.

when you are still in doubt about choosing a payment with the CPC or CPM calculation method, you should choose to use the CPC calculation method first, this CPC method will reduce the risk of your decreased ad performance. To provide even better results, you should know the performance of your ad by maximizing the CTR (click through rate) in the ads you serve. because a good ad is an ad that has a high CTR value as long as the ad is displayed. You can also try the CPM fee method on another occasion so that you can have accurate references about your ad. Which ad is better for you between CPC or CPM. Hopefully this discussion can provide benefits for you.

CTR (Click-Through Rate)

CTR is the percentage of visitors who can see ads that are placed on a page. reported from Investopedia (2/4) the click-per-impression ratio measures how successful an ad is in capturing user interest. This means that the higher the CTR value or click-through rate, the better the ad is.

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